Providing accurate and compliant redress calculation software in line with the most up to date guidance

OAC’s modular redress calculation software is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of regulatory investment review and complaint types.

At OAC Redress Solutions we understand the need to be able to deliver accurate, easy to follow redress calculations that are fully compliant with the latest guidance from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

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Modularity and flexibility

OAC redress calculation software is available either as a complete solution or can be licenced as specific modules depending on your business needs.

Calculator modules include:

  • Pension and investment charges and investment performance comparisons.
  • Occupational pension transfers, opt-outs or non-joiners.
  • AVCs (money purchase, added years and additional pension).
  • Endowment mortgage.
  • Payments accumulations.

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Key Features

Key features of the OAC Redress calculation software include:

  • Regular updates in line with FCA and FOS guidance.
  • Full support and training.
  • Intuitive, scenario lead inputs and data checks.
  • No limits on calculations runs.
  • Full audit trail – all runs uniquely referenced, stored and accessible.
  • Centrally managed software updates via secure connection.
  • Standard and bespoke report generation.

Alongside our software, we offer consultancy support and training on redress to ensure that you are up to date with current issues affecting redress.

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Why work with OAC Redress Solutions

At OAC our experience and knowledge means that we are the ideal partner for Redress calculation software. Working with us we provide:

  • Over 25 years of expertise and knowledge in redress
  • Robust, compliant calculations prepared using established software
  • An accessible and professional consultancy service which enables you to understand the complexities of redress

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