Solvency II Deadlines for 2020

Solvency II
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23 June 2020

Under EIOPA's latest Solvency II Taxonomy Roadmap, the (solo) deadlines for the remaining 2020 reference dates are as follows: 

2020 Q2 4 August 2020  

2020 Q3 4 November 2020 

2020 Q4 4 February 2021 

2020 year end 7 April 2021 (but.... see below)

Under the Solvency II Review, EIOPA proposes to keep deadlines for quarterly reporting but extend the deadline of annual reporting by 2 weeks.  

David Gray, Consultant Actuary, comments: “With the submission deadline for the 31 December 2020 reference date shown as 1 day earlier than that published in the PRA’s reporting schedule, we sought confirmation from the UK regulator.  We have been advised to use a deadline of 8 April 2021.  The submission deadlines continue to be no later than 5 weeks after any quarter ending and 14 weeks after the December year-end.  We await final policy on submission deadlines (EIOPA will now deliver its advice at end December 2020, to take into account the Covid-19 situation on the Solvency II Review) and the extent of any PRA divergence.

David Gray

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David Gray
Consultant Actuary

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