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03 March 2017

OAC recently invited the readership of its "OAC Digest" publication to complete a questionnaire to determine how well it was performing against expectations and requirements, and to make changes where necessary to ensure it continues to be useful. Below contains a summary of the results, along with information about the publication and other articles we produce, and how you can quickly find content at any time on the OAC website, such as industry news, that is relevant to you and your organisation.

About the OAC Digest and our publications

OAC Digest is a weekly email publication that contains links to short articles on the OAC website about key regulatory and industry news items relevant for the insurance sector. Its aims is to save people and organisations the time and resource involved with monitoring and filtering relevant news from multiple sources. It also serves as a useful checklist of topics and issues to help stay informed and up-to-date on matters. The publication provides a quick summary of each topic and invites readers to contact us if they require more information or assistance. Additionally, OAC provides special editions of the OAC Digest, around every 6 weeks, where some featured topics are covered in more depth, offering our commentary, opinion, advice and guidance. OAC also imparts its skilled knowledge and insight wherever possible in the form of other content e.g. technical articles to assist its clients and to demonstrate the firm's position at the front of leadership on technical matters affecting the insurance sector.

Summary of the questionnaire results

  • 25 organisations were represented.
  • 15 organisations are members of the Association of Financial Mutuals.
  • All "respondents" (the people who completed the questionnaire) hold senior management positions/roles.
  • Average score for the OAC Digest was above 4, when rating it out of 5 (5 being highest), and 81% scored it either 4 or 5.
  • Weekly frequency of the publication was supported by 89%.
  • 84% had nothing further to add to the topics and sources covered in the publication.
  • 89% did not want any of the topics and sources removed from the publication.
  • All respondents said that the structure of the publication was right for them.
  • Solvency II is the main regulatory issue that the respondents are currently dealing with.
  • Changes to data protection is one of the main regulatory issues that the respondents will be dealing with in the future.
  • The majority of respondents use a variety of methods to get industry news, and are mainly focused on attending events and using digital channels.  
  • Twitter and Facebook aren't being used for finding industry news by the respondents.

Comments about the publication included:

"I am a regular reader and find the content interesting, relevant and digestible!"

"Just a comment to say that, as a non-executive director not involved with the business on a day to day basis, it is difficult to keep up to date with events so that the OAC briefings are extremely helpful to me."

"I do read the digest and find it a very useful tool to keep me abreast of developments and up to date. One of the major challenges for compliance managers is to keep up to date with what regulators are churning out."

To conclude, we are very pleased with the response to the questionnaire and the overall positive feedback about the OAC Digest. The opinion of the readers is very important to us. We are very grateful to respondents for engaging with us and value all feedback which we carefully consider. We are committed to the continuous development of the publication (along with the development of other useful articles etc) and our readers will notice some tweaks to ensure the content is informative and always relevant.

How to find relevant content on our website

There is a lot of current and historic information in our News & Insight section and content can be refined to suit your search requirements.  

Article categories

Our articles contain categories (or tags) which assist with defining the topics covered, including relevant industry sectors, in the content and can also include the name of the OAC publication e.g. "Life insurance", "Solvency II", "OAC Digest". These categories can be found at the top of our articles and can be clicked on to find other related content.

Category filter

Use the filter options in our News & Insight section to refine your search for content, which is based on the article categories as explained above. The default option is for all content to appear, however, you can "unselect all" and only select the category(ies) that is relevant to you. For example, by selecting "Life insurance" and "Solvency II" categories, you will only get articles that are tagged with both these categories.

Website search

This tool allows you to search for your own keywords to discover content on our website.

Invite your colleagues to subscribe

Subscription is free to all OAC publications, so you can invite colleagues to subscribe by clicking here.

OAC Digest - Your regulatory and industry news

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OAC Digest - Your regulatory and industry news

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