Current Issues in Redress - Q2 2022

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Current Issues in Redress

11 May 2022

Our latest Redress Newsletter is out now!

Content covers;
• Market Update
• British Steel Consumer Redress Scheme
• Change to Redress Guidance FG17/9
• Spring Statement
• FCA Pensions Advice Checker
• Claims Manager Fees
• What does a high inflation environment mean for redress calculations?

Current Issues in Redress - Q2 2022

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Current Issues in Redress - Q2 2022

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02 December 2022

OAC’s initial comments on Policy Statement PS 22/13

On 28 November 2022, the FCA issued Policy Statement PS 22/13 "Calculating redress for non-compliant pension transfer advice". This formalises many of the proposals contained in the consultation...