06 July 2021

Current Issues in Redress Summer 2021

Update to Redress Guidance FG17/9 On 3 March 2021, the FCA announced that it would be issuing updated guidance on how to calculate redress for unsuitable Defined Benefit transfers. The updated gui...

05 July 2021

New FCA Regulations for Funeral Plans Published

Today the FCA published PS21/8: Regulation of funeral plans - Feedback to CP21/4 and final rules | FCA. The FCA has set out the final rules for how they will regulate all funeral plans, including s...

30 June 2021

Climate-related financial disclosures

Climate-related financial disclosures On 22 June 2021, the FCA published CP21/17, their consultation on proposals to introduce climate-related financial disclosure rules and guidance for asset man...

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