Governance, risk & compliance

Reliable compliance and regulation practice is absolutely vital. Our compliance consultants have the knowledge of corporate governance and risk management to make sure no procedure is overlooked. 

We are leading compliance experts on complex regulatory issues such as Solvency II, Key Information Documents (KID) for PRIIPs and Data Protection / General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), providing clarity to our clients and the wider industry through regular communications through articles and press commentary. Our expert compliance professionals can support you in meeting your financial compliance and risk management challenges in a cost-effective and compliant manner.

We also provide general compliance support. Whether it’s developing and updating your compliance manual, designing your compliance plan and audit programme, approving financial promotions, handling complaints, or any other rules-based compliance questions we have the technical know-how to solve your problems.

Business governance

Governance is the totality of values, beliefs, systems and controls used by a business to ensure it conducts its affairs to the high standard expected by all stakeholders. Successfully managing conduct risk within a financial service business has been set as a high priority by the regulators and, of course, every business wishes its customers to be wholly satisfied with the service and benefits they receive.

Our governance risk and compliance consultants can help you achieve success in this critical area by deploying their technical expertise and experience, gained from working in a wide range of firms, to bring independent oversight skills, added value learning and technical knowhow to the programme established by in-house resources.

Examples of how we can help include:

  • Solvency II – We are leading experts in this field, both in actuarial activity but also in the development of the ORSA, and in how to satisfy governance requirements. We can guide you through the ongoing challenges you face with embedding down the regime within your operations.

  • Senior Insurance Managers Regime (SIMR) – Compliance with this new approved person’s regime is complex as there are different rules applying to different types of firm and an announced regulatory intention to change the rules again in 2018. We can assist you to implement successfully now, and in the future, by providing guidance or using our technology solution ("TRAC10") developed to deliver SIMR compliance.

  • Board Governance – To satisfy the standards set by the SIMR boards will need to structure themselves to deliver the prescribed responsibilities and the conduct standards defined in the PRA and FCA rules. An important aspect in this is an assessment process to establish “has the board defined its objectives adequately and is it effective in delivering them”. Our knowledge of best practice, and seeing many boards in operation, enables us to help you with such assessments.

  • Risk Management Solutions – Effective risk management is seen by the regulators as the central core to good governance and successful deployment of the ORSA as a business management and capital planning tool. We provide a suite of risk management software tools to help your organisation embed effective risk management throughout your business.

Jackie Wright

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Jackie Wright
Senior Regulatory Compliance Consultant

Compliance review

A complete solution for all compliance services and consultancy needs for financial services firms. Our services include:

  • Regular comment on contemporary regulatory issues.
  • Provision of a wide range of flexible compliance services to life insurance companies, mutuals and friendly societies, independent financial advisers, networks, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, trade bodies and professional indemnity insurers, and their solicitors.
  • Advice on regulatory issues such as Threshold Conditions, Senior Insurance Managers' Regime (SIMR), and the extension of Senior Managers' Certification Regime (SMCR).
  • Consultancy/audits on regulatory systems and controls.
  • Consultancy on complaint handling and the investigation of complaints.
  • Checking of financial promotions.
  • Interpretation of regulations.
  • One-off compliance projects such as business reviews.
  • Advice on the impact of rules and guidance changes, for example, the introduction of the Key Information Document (KID) for PRIIPs and transition from Data Protection Act to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Jackie Wright

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Jackie Wright
Senior Regulatory Compliance Consultant

Internal audit

Our internal audit service can be the catalyst for improving your governance, risk management and management controls, and is designed to add value throughout your business. We can help by providing:

  • Independent assurance that your organisation's risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively.
  • A general approach to internal audits but always tailored to your specific requirements
  • Assessing your organisation’s management of risk.
  • Evaluating controls and advising managers at all levels.
  • Assisting management in the improvement of internal controls.
  • Evaluating risks - identifying key activities and relevant risk factors and assessing their significance.
  • Analysing operations and confirming information.
  • Full compliance reviews - ensuring that the organisation is adhering to relevant rules, regulations, laws, codes of practice, guidelines and principles as they apply individually and collectively to all parts of the organisation.
  • Attendance at firms' Audit and Risk Committee meetings.
Jackie Wright

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Jackie Wright
Senior Regulatory Compliance Consultant