14 February 2017

UK Insurance: General (14 February 2017)

Selected recent UK news items of more general interest: Bank of England's efforts against cyber threats, inflation projected to increase and no change to Bank Rate and asset purchase programme.

14 February 2017

European Insurance: General (14 February 2016)

Selected recent European Insurance news items of more general interest: "EOS PRIIPs" consultation, proposed format for IPID, proposed guidelines for execution only IBIPs, guidelines on dialogue bet...

14 February 2017

UK Insurance: PRA (14 February 2017)

Selected recent news from the UK's prudential regulator: strengthening accountability reminder and changes to enforcement policies and processes.

06 February 2017

Roundup and Commentary: Data Protection and the GDPR

On 15 December 2016 the House of Commons library published a briefing paper “Brexit and data protection”, which discusses the current reform of EU data protection law, the interaction with UK law,...

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